We are on a mission to maximise good

We are an impact innovation studio focused on helping founders and funds do (more) good. We work with founders to unleash their purpose. We partner with funds on building more impact-full portfolios.

building and scaling conscious growth ecosystems

What if we can shift from linear to balanced growth?

Driven by a burning desire to undo the harm people and businesses have done to our planet, Max-G is a collective of entrepreneurs (the do-ers), creatives (the makers) and strategists (the thinkers) who are maximising good business – and good growth.

Stop talking impact, start making it happen

How to maximise your good

Through our conscious growth programmes, venture coaching, facilitating investments in impact-first businesses and consulting large organisations in making the shift toward balanced, better growth — we’re mainstreaming good. 

Co-founder as a service

Building an impact-first business and want to scale the good you do? Or, ready to start the journey from business-as-usual to an impact business? Max-G helps you maximise your good. We do it through business coaching, our conscious growth programmes and workshops.

Invest in the Future

We're helping investors with creating good company portfolios pre and post investment. Investing in impact and want to see more growth? Our team can help you and your businesses scale, consciously. Looking for impact ventures to invest in? We filter and audit for you.

Reimagine Business

Next-G is about reimagining business. Want to rewrite your vision and strategy? Build new, future-proof products and services that are good for the next generations - and good for the planet? Grow a culture of doers? We help you transform and innovate your organisation. Prepare for impact the good way.


We’re kicking off a series of events – in partnership, and together with guest speakers and co-facilitators – to share what we’ve learned about conscious business growth, personal growth, impact investing, regenerative design and more.

where we connect & co-create

Good businesses grow in good places

Building an ecosystem of good ideas, people and businesses calls for fertile soil. These are some of the inspiring places where we connect, create and grow. 

good feedback

Don’t just take our word for it

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